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 Amazon Wholesale Business

Digital Asset Creation and Scaling

We launch and scale sustainable online businesses for our clients. We manage the day-to-day operations while growing your business for you. Leverage our team at SystemCentric and diversify your investment portfolio by adding an appreciating, cash-flowing, digital asset.

System Centric will handle everything by A-Z in building, operating, and scaling your business month over month

Step 1.



The onboarding process will include full transparency to make sure you have a complete understanding of your business.

We ensure that your Amazon store is set up correctly and that your new store is ready to be automated.

FBA Explained

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) allows storage and shipment of items from Amazon's warehouses. Items that are fulfilled by Amazon's warehouses are PRIME eligible. Amazon handle's


Unlike dropshipping, Amazon FBA is 100% compliant with Amazon's terms of service, therefore, mitigating the risk of suspensions or terminations of your Amazon Store.


Amazon FBA Wholesale stores have no cap on the revenue they can produce

Step 2.


your storefront

The System Centric team establishes relationships with the nation's top brands establishing wholesale contracts to carry their brands on your store's. Once these relationships are established, we then place orders for inventory within the first 60-90 days to start creating revenue for your store.

Step 3.

Managing and scaling

your Fba store

The System Centric team manages and scales your store by running daily operations such as finding new products to sell, sourcing those products, monitoring inventory, providing excellent customer service, dealing with returns, and whatever your store needs on a day-to-day basis.


It Works

Book an Initial Phone Call

During our initial call, we will break down the drop-shipping model to ensure you are knowledgeable about the industry, leaving you with no questions. Following we will discuss our services and see if we would be a good fit for your needs.


We ensure your Amazon store is set up and ready to be successfully automated whether it is brand new or an aged store transferred to our management team. We set up contracts with the nation's top brands and get your inventory set up in 60-90 days during the onboarding process.

Meet the Qualification

On the call, after discussing the business model.  We will walk through the requirements to become a client and ensure we are a good fit prior to establishing a professional relationship

Auto Pilot

Our team completely takes over and manages every aspect of your store. Handling product research, listing, fulfillment, and customer service. Ensuring we are striving to provide your customers the best service while scaling your revenue to provide recurring income in the digital age. 

Digital Investment


Ecommerce is the future

Owning an eCommerce store enables you to create another means of income while leveraging the internet. 

  • Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world
  • 49% of eCommerce online goes to Amazon
  • 53% of Amazon's sales come from 3rd party sellers (that's us!)
  • ​​There are approximately $17 Million dollars spent every hour on Amazon


System Centric

System Centric's entire business premise is based on client experience and results. After spending a few years building 7-figure eCommerce stores on numerous platforms and helping hundreds of people along the way, we decided to take client results into our own hands and provide top-tier service in the E-com space.

We have extensive experience in the eCommerce selling world that allowed us to have a verified sales track record.

Ready to own a profitable eCommerce business that actually makes money unlike 99% of them?


Why Choose

System Centric?

  • We run your business for you.

We are dedicated to your success, which is why we’ll handle all the details of running this business- like supplier accounting, marketing, customer service, and administrative work.

  • Turnkey business model.

Once you invest with us, we literally do everything for you to get you started and running a massively profitable business.

  • Recession proof industry.

The eCommerce industry is not only stable, it’s growing at a massive rate year over year. There is no chance people will stop using social media or shopping online.

  • Freedom.

You can do this from anywhere in the world. Your earning potential is uncapped. And you are your only boss.

  • No previous education or training required

Since we are doing everything for you, there’s literally no prerequisites for you to have success with this business.

Are you ready?

If you are looking to invest in this opportunity and learn more, please set up an introductory call with us to see if there’s a fit. We want to learn about you and your goals. This business does require an initial capital investment, MINIMUM of $40,000.

We don’t partner with everyone, we are curating a group of like-minded client investors, so we take all interests very seriously. Book a free intro consultation below to see if there's a fit

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